Cirk La Putyka

This ensemble started out as just a small group of enthusiasts who wanted to put on one show together. Since 2008, however, it has grown into a neo-circus group of almost a hundred actors, dancers, acrobats, musicians, as well as producers, technicians, physicians, make-up artists and other professionals. This is how they describe their artistic expression: ‘Our roots are theatrical and at the start of our creative work we made up for virtuosity and adroitness with theatricality, until we progressively built up our own neo-circus theatrical style. The centrepiece of every project is always its theme. We have tried to express it through a host of different means, multi-genre and multi-cultural expression. We never got tired of stepping a second time into the same river twice, every project is different and we are still exploring where this genre’s limits are(n’t).

Event description

The summer performances will be held in the Azyl78 big top tent at the Prague Exhibition Grounds.

Tickets for the next performance can be purchased here.

What can you look forward to?


A circus expedition in search of pure joy. Crazy jumps on a giant teeter-board, group dance choreography, hanging trapeze acrobatics and trampoline flights. One gag follows another and rhythmic music follows laughter, hypnotic images contrasting with this summer party in the open air. Traditional meets modern, seasoned Putyka regulars mingle with young circus blood. A total of eight acrobats, actors and dancers flash through the performance like the colourful shards in a kaleidoscope. Don’t cogitate. Just open your eyes and ears and let yourself be swallowed up by a gaudy collage of deftness and unfettered joy.


Dynamite Cabaret 

A neo-circus cabaret collage that will charge you up full of good mood. Come and get topped up for the rest of the summer. You will see Cirk La Putyka members as well as special world-class guests and their performances. Experience an electrifying show where laughter alternates with awe and tears are jolted away by astonishment. You’ll laugh and feel moved, you’ll want to dance and sing, and you won’t want to go home. A playful show directed by Ethan Law, a permanent Cirk La Putyka member. For ages 5+.



We live in a time when everything has to be done right now, quickly lived and instantly tallied-up. We’re trying to get everything done, and to catch up on all that we didn’t fit in. It’s not enough to be good, we have to be even better tomorrow. We want to move with the times, but they’ve already overtaken us. We can’t stop, we can’t sleep, we can’t sit down and drink a cup of coffee in peace and read at least one article from start to finish (this sentence is already too long for you, admit it). We have to run because we don’t have time. We don’t have time because that one keeps running. And to catch some of it is a long hard slog. A run where the body’s flushed with endorphins, and so we love this lifestyle. So much so, that even though the pandemic has slowed time down, there are more and more runners.


…and more besides.

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Event date: 1. 7. 2021 - 31. 8. 2021

Practical information


  • Azyl78 Big Top Tent at the Prague Exhibition Grounds


Azyl 78
17000 Praha 7

+420 775 402 027