Prima Stellar summer under the Žižkov Tower

This summer’s stage programme brings a selection of the best Prague has to offer in the comedy genre. In addition, there are as many stars and acclaimed names on this stage as you could count in any other summer production. The summer scene under the Žižkov tower boasts a unique auditorium roofing, that not only keeps the viewers safe from rain, but also from summer swelter, thanks to UV filters that reflect the sun’s rays.

Event description

Here’s what you’ll see on the summer stage:

Zločin v Posázavském pacifiku / ‘Foul play on the Sázava line’

A gripping tale of how the alluring young industrialist’s daughter Miss Luiza will overcome dangers aplenty aboard the Vltava steamer, to find her vivacious and exuberant happiness. We will be following our pretty heroine’s exploits with baited breath on the Pikovice railroad, in the abandoned cabin of the Ontario backwoods settlement, in the dreaded rapids of the Sázava river and the impenetrable forests teeming with wild animals. Nearby, however, is an intrepid young man, hardened by ocean gales, with his trusty well-sharpened tomahawk in his hand…


Ani za milion! / ‘Not even for a Million’

Jacqueline, though married to the English ambassador, is French in body, soul and origin. She has two children and a briefcase with a million euros, which she is willing to donate to anyone who deserves it. He hates the countryside, solitude and ordinariness. Lambert’s not married, his wife left him. He has the soul of a sailor and lives only for his lighthouse, which he takes care of twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. He loves the countryside, solitude and ordinariness. You’re right to wander what on earth they have in common? Well, nothing at all! But let’s not get carried away with first impressions.



A bit of swing-era slapstick fun for the whole family, based on the famed comic novel by Zdeněk Jirotka. The musical interludes of Ondřej Havelka and Martin Vačkár, accompanied live by the unmistakable Melody Makers orchestra, have long since become a legend. No less legendary is the book of the same name, which has been royally entertaining several generations with its masterful dry humour, hyperbole, polished style and beautiful absurdity of situations that the quirky and flawless butler Saturnin gets into.


La Strada / ‘The Road’

A circus romance about how even a little pebble has a place in this world. Federico Fellini’s famous Oscar-winning film La Strada served as the theme for the play, which conveys a simple yet profound message: Every stone in the world has its rightful place. So does every man, even the poorest. There’s also a mysterious reason for the coexistence of a pair of wandering comedians, both vastly different. The emotional notes get drowned out at the right moment by the mirth and merriment of their show. The riveting atmosphere of the old-world circus confirms an old truth: To entertain the audience, the artiste has no need of technical wonders, but presence of mind, wit and courage.

and there are more amazing performances…



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Event date: 1. 7. 2021 - 31. 8. 2021


Mahlerovy sady 1
13000 Praha 3

+420 296 245 311