Summer Letná Festival

Summer Letná Festival in less than three weeks a hotspot of the best from among domestic and international circus, theatre and music performances. This is the only show of its kind and scope in the Czech Republic and neighbouring countries.

Event description

In addition to evening performances, visitors can also expect a rich theatrical programme for children, as well as an accompanying programme prepared for them largely free of charge which goes on throughout the day. From workshops, through art and circus workshops, to concerts and open-air events. For children, two types of suburban camps are also prepared. And above all, there is child-minding available during the show.

In the festival area, which has since its inception been at Letenské sady, one of the largest green open spaces in downtown Prague, there are several relaxation zones, food stalls and bars. Visitors can comfortably make a whole day of it.

What you can look forward to at Letná this year


Deer in the Headlights / Cirque Le Roux

Deer In The Headlights is a tribute to film, contemporary circus and humanity in all its beauty and clumsiness. It tells the story of a family, loss and life going on through eccentric and comic intrigue. ‘A joyful, aesthetic, sophisticated and warm performance that will grip you and won’t let you go.’ Six artists perform handstands, hand to hand acrobatics and tense acrobatic stunts that combine physical risk-taking with humour and emotional depth.


Don’t Feed The Alligators / Compagnie 100 Issues

The Bold and Breathtaking 100 Issues will be coming to Prague for the first time with a performance of Don’t Feed the Alligators. Forget about traditional circus acts. There, nine artistes bring together a mixture of circus, manga, anthropology and Bollywood under the big top canvas. Questioning and departing from our relationship to funerals and myths, they set about creating a new beginning. How can we talk about such a subject? How can we put it on the stage? How about getting a skull tattoo, diving down from the cliffs without safety measures, stick our necks out fifteen metres above the ground, and watch movies about serial killers and war conflicts. We are able to watch hundreds of people die, while we’re having a pizza. But when death actually appears in our lives, when it is our turn to face up to it, dignify it, and face it head on, we are quite defenceless.


Résiste / Les Filles du Renar Pale

The festival will be opened with a dose of adrenaline by high wire walker Johanne Humblet, who takes one risk after another on the Open Air stage high above the heads of the spectators, and repeatedly outdoes herself. ‘A rebellious spirit high in the air. Breaking all the rules and pushing the boundaries.’ Trembling rope-walker Johanne Humblet, evocative music and one unstable rope. A performance to make you gasp with awe. Since its inception in 2019, the Résiste show has already travelled much of France and many places abroad. Viewers are amazed by its thrills and spills and dazzling set-pieces suspended on a rope. With slight schadenfreude, we are reminded that life is about pushing our own boundaries and, above all, keeping at it.


Cirque La Compagnie / L’avis Bidon

The exceptional L’avis Bidon’s performance was created in 2017 and has been reaping accolades ever since. It is thus not surprising that it was also picked out as the French favourite for Summer Letná, on the recommendation of the prestigious neocircus festival, the Biennale Internationale des Arts du Cirque (BIAC) Marseille! It also won the gold medal during the 38th annual Mondial du Cirque de Demain festival. ‘Somewhere between slapstick and a first-class circus. L’avis Bidon is a message of friendship and optimism.’


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Event date: 12. 8. 2021 - 31. 8. 2021


Letenské sady
17000 Praha 7