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A Prague Professional Theatre spanning more than seventy years staging classical works by world playwrights, great comedies and hot novelty dramas.

Event description

A full summer theatre programme based both in the theatre itself and, more recently, in the huge Azyl 78 events tent at the Prague Výstaviště Exhibition Grounds. The biggest hits from PALMOVKA are ready! They include Žítkovské bohyně / ‘The Žítková Goddeses’Bezruký Frantík / ‘Frankie the Armless’Pusťte Donnu k maturitě! / ‘Let Donna graduate!’ and 294 statečných / ‘The Magnificent 294’.

Among the most refreshing summery renditions held in the air-conditioned theatre are the best of the PALM OFF Studio, Shakespeare in Love and the dress rehearsal of The Cherry Orchard in the Great Hall.

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What kinds of theatrical refreshment will the summer bring?


The Žítková Goddeses

A theatrical production inspired by Kateřina Tučková’s novel about white witches from the Moravian village of Žítková. The novel is loosely based on real events and a number of historical records. It is also a riveting detective story about a search for the past, awakening unpleasant truths that might perhaps best be left dormant, and with it, finding the roots of one’s own identity. Historical facts intertwine with fiction, resulting in a gripping and near-explosive storyline, from witch trials, fanatical preachers and traditional village life with its legendary and ancient roots through Nazi occultists and collaborators and Communist snitches to the present day. The novel rightly became one of the greatest Czech literary landmarks of recent years.


Frankie the Armless

The stork that carried him to his parents had bitten off his arms, so Francis was born without them. But his sincere enthusiasm is utterly contagious. Even at times when optimism is all he has left. He learns to do everything a boy needs, with his feet – to pick up a stone and toss it right over the church, to fly a kite, to flick marbles, and to fight, too. The girls in his class are wearing shorter skirts, he gets propositioned to join a freak show, and more cripples are returning from the battle front. This pitch-black comedy based on real events focused on the tense moments of Francis’ life tells a story of a stubborn man seeking to break free of his fate and circumstances. Against the backdrop of modern Czech history, Francis is about to face his momentous struggle for human dignity..


The Magnificent 294

B-movie style action about the heroes of Operation Anthropoid. It is high time to shoot the killer who has taken over the castle. Let’s hope something good falls out of the sky. Olda is a butcher and makes fantastic schnitzels. Aťa loves Jules Verne adventure stories and wants to be a gun-slinger when he grows up. Jindřiška has fallen in love for the first time and finds Libeň full of wonderful aromas. And they all have secrets. Daddy’s already turned grey with fear. How can ordinary kids be so brave? We’ll add nails to our flails and thrash the Nazis out! Just don’t let anyone betray you, or Jindřiška will never get the chance to fall in love again. A docu-fiction game, based on a real-life event underlying the greatest heroic act in our history.


Shakespeare in Love

Now in Prague, a theatrical version of the famous film of the same name, which in 2014 became one of the biggest London draws of recent years. The cinematic adaptation of Shakespeare in Love, which owes much to one of the world’s greatest playwrights, Tom Stoppard (who is of Czech-Jewish origin) won seven Oscars and numerous other major movie awards. The young poet and playwright Will Shakespeare must finish his new play as soon as possible, but lacks the strength and the inspiration. After a chance encounter that seems straight out of the script of one of his famous plays, the young and beautiful Viola becomes his Muse.

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Event date: 1. 7. 2021 - 31. 8. 2021

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Zenklova 34
18036 Praha 8

+420 283 011 127