Prague City Theatres – ROKOKO Theatre, ABC Theatre, KOMEDIE Theatre

Prague City Theatres belong among the greatest of Czech drama theatres. Three stages in central Prague (the ABC, the Komedie and the Rokoko) showcase Czech and International works of drama, adaptations of classical literary works and musical titles. They build on exceptional celebrity actors, accentuating the diversity and richness of chosen genres and reach out to a wide range of audiences. Starts of the Prague City Theatres stage include Kateřina Marie Fialová, Zdeněk Piškala, Petr Konáš, Dana Batulková and Jiří Štrébl. Divadlo ABC - Na repertoáru naleznete českou i světovou dramatickou tvorbu, adaptace klasických literárních děl i zábavní hudební tituly. Malá scéna divadla ABC je pak určena pro literární matiné a vzdělávací pořady. Divadlo KOMEDIE - dává prostor zejména progresivním mladým tvůrcům a pořádá mj. hudební i literární pořady, filmové projekce, výstavy, výtvarné instalace či happeningy.

Event description

ABC Theatre – on the repertoire you will find Czech and international plays, adaptations of classical literary works and light entertainment music. The small scene of the ABC theatre is devoted to literary matinées and educational programmes.


KOMEDIE Theatre – offers a platform most especially to progressive young film-makers, organizing music and literary programmes, film screenings, exhibitions, art installations or happenings and more besides.


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What you’ll see this summer


Death of a Salesman

A requiem for the dream of an ordinary man who painfully discovers that at the end of his life he has achieved one thing — that, to most, he is worth more dead than alive. Directed by Michal Dočekal, Miroslav Donutil and Zuzana Kronerová.


Zítra swing bude zníti všude / ‘Tomorrow will ring out with a swing everywhere’

Musical comedy from post-war swinging Prague with the Ondřej Havelka Melody Makers orchestra. After the war, jazz rang out on every Prague street corner. All the young Jitterbugs, original Hipsters and Lindy-hoppers were convinced that ‘this will be the American century and life will go with a swing.’ People who had left the country to avoid the Nazis were returning to their homeland, full of heady enjoyment, optimism and trust in freedom. This piece tells the story of Matthew O’Mack, who comes back from America, buys a house in Hybernská street and opens a swing café for his son, a promising saxophonist and band-leader…


The Great Dictator

This anti-war satire, parodying the stupidity, perversion and anti-Semitism of Nazism and its leaders, became one of Chaplin’s most successful films. The acclaimed story of a Jewish barber who, due to his resemblance to the leader Adenoid Hynkel (alias Adolf Hitler), finds himself mistakenly standing in front of riled-up and bellicose crowds, potentially to unleash the turmoil of war. But he does not want to be a dictator himself, he has no desire to rule or conquer, but instead calls for tolerance, peace, and humanity. For the first time in a Czech theatre adaptation, this movie classic will not only be mocking tyrants drunk with power, but also giving a warning about the destructive potential of fanaticised hordes.


Shirley Valentine

Simona Stašová’s one-woman show. Shirley Valentine is the name of the bygone girl whose place has been taken by her current 40-year-old self, the mother of a family, and wife of an upright citizen.  While she has to make sure that her family’s life in Liverpool keeps on track, the dreams and desires of the girl she once was have never left her. Perhaps that’s why she gives in to her friend’s idea and does something unexpected – she goes on vacation to a vineyard in Greece. And that’s where her new life begins, a new adventure, everything she already thought was lost.


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Event date: 1. 7. 2021 - 31. 8. 2021

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Bubenské nábřeží 306/13
17000 Praha 7

+420 222 996 115, +420 222 996 113