Metropolitan Summer of Celebrity Actors

The 18th season of the Metropolitan Summer of Celebrity Actors will run from 1 June to 31 August 2021 in Prague at the Vyšehrad Summer Stage, the Studio DVA Theatre and, for the first time, the new and Summer Stage of the Holešovice Exhibition Grounds and the Libeň Château Summer Stage.

Event description

In addition to the legendary summer hit love-story STARCI NA CHMELU / ‘Love Harvests in Summer’ and last year’s new releases DUETS and REVIZOR / ‘The Government Inspector’, the main attractions of this summer’s stages will be the latest Studio DVA comedies Vše o mužích / ‘All About Men’ and Tři grácie z umakartu / ‘Three Formica Graces’. There will of course also be the proven hits of previous years, and for the 11th season, open-air musical gatherings.


What you’ll see on the summer stages


Love Harvests in Summer

The timeless story of the lovely Hanka and the honourable Philip set among evergreen melodies. A legendary cinematic love-story set for the stage. Exclusively only on the Vyšehrad and Tvrz Divice summer stages.



A comedy about the peculiarities of relationships and the eternal search for happiness between men and women. Four dramatic and singing duets. Two washed-up old losers getting together via a lonely hearts ad, a big boss with his loyal secretary, a married couple on a dream vacation, and a bride past her prime, aiming to get married for the third time with the ‘help’ of her cynical brother. Humans are strange creatures and won’t give up hope even in the midst of a total apocalypse. Sometimes, all it takes is a little encouragement…


The Government Inspector

A brilliant satirical comedy, which has lost nothing of its topicality over the years, quite the opposite. In every society there are covert self-seeking bribers and timid flatterers, and just an innocent mistake is often enough to reveal their true colours and relationships. Gogol’s play is a mirror to ourselves, a mirror that does not mock but makes you laugh at yourself, like a refined jovial anecdote that hits the nail right on the head.


All About Men

A popular comedy by the most frequently played Croatian author Miro Gavran, about how men see themselves and what they are and are not ashamed of. A perfect blend of testosterone, feelings and striptease that will keep you guffawing. ‘About men, for women, so they can fail to understand them all over again.’ After hundreds of successful reruns, now in a new production.


Three Formica Graces

A great and bitter comedy about a meeting that had to come at some point, but was still unexpected. Three women in one prefab block of flats. A freshly pensioned hairdresser, Marta, and her daughter Eva, who is carrying a few extra pounds and has just run away from the wedding parlour, where she was trying on her dream dress. And finally, Aunt Helena, who has came from Switzerland and brought with her more than Alpine milk chocolate… Grandma’s funeral’s has been and gone, so it’s time to start planning the wedding, right? If only it were that simple…

…and more besides

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Event date: 1. 7. 2021 - 31. 8. 2021

Practical information


  • Studio DVA Theatre – Summer Stage Vyšehrad
  • Studio DVA Theatre – Summer Stage at Holešovice Exhibition Centre
  • Studio DVA Theatre – Libeň Château


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