The Shakespearean comedies on offer are typically varied, their stellar cast a guarantee of quality entertainment. And you have an unmissable chance to be there.

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This year’s gem is the première of that magical comedy the Tempest, with David Prachař raging as Prospero. Bolek Polívka will make his appearance as the gluttonous knight Falstaff courting the Merry Wife, Simona Stašová. Jaroslav Plesl’s Hamlet and his mean uncle Claudius played by Hynek Čermák, A Winter’s Tale with Veronica Arichteva and Martin Hofmann, or the quirky Petr Čtvrtníček as watchman Dogberry in Much Ado About Nothing? You can’t make a wrong choice here. Each of the plays has been carefully cast and this symphony of acting plays every evening throughout the summer. The festivals take place in Prague from 28 June to 3 September in two exceptional venues. The Royal Garden of Prague Castle and on the Summer Stage of the Liechtenstein Palace on Lesser Town Square.


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The Tempest

magical comedy: “We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep.” What could have made a ship run aground? How much is one to trudge around an unknown island, with how many endings of a past life and how many new beginnings! And how many miracles! And what if the shipwreck was just a dream, a magical miring? William Shakespeare’s most beautiful late play, featuring the themes and motifs that fascinated the Elizabethan playwright throughout his life: great love, intrigue, revenge and forgiveness. Not forgetting the themes of illusion, reality and the passage of time.


The Merry Wives of Windsor

It is said that this comedy was commissioned by Queen Elizabeth herself from Shakespeare, because in the first part of Henry IV she was rather taken with the character of Knight John Falstaff and wanted to see her favourite once again, this time in love. Shakespeare both did and didn’t grant her wish: in The Merry Wives, John Falstaff uses love primarily as a tool to solve his ‘personal financial crisis’…


A Winter’s Tale

A tale of betrayal, love and forgiveness. Do you sometimes feel like everyone around you is pretending and lying? That even your loved ones can’t be trusted? But what if it’s not at all like that and you’re wrong? Could you take your own blame? And is it even possible to uncover the truth? William Shakespeare set this story of devastating jealousy, hope and miracles in Sicily and Bohemia, which he surprisingly gave a sea coast. Here high drama alternates with comedy, hatred with love and rejection with forgiveness.


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Event date: 1. 7. 2021 - 31. 8. 2021

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