Summer in the “Švanďák”

The Švanda Theatre was inaugurated in 1881 by Pavel Švanda ze Semčic Sr., director of one of the most influential 19th century troupes of travelling players. Today it positions itself as a modern cultural centre for the living arts, organizing more than 450 cultural events a year. It has two performance – the Great Hall and the variable Studio. Its repertoire comprises chiefly the productions of the resident drama ensemble along with other productions.

Event description

What can you look forward to this summer?


Kdo je tady ředitel? / ‘The Boss of it All’

This great Danish comedy by one of the most outstanding film-makers of today. Ravn is the boss and also the owner of a company, but he keeps this hidden from his colleagues, and has been posing as a mere employee for ten years. This way, any unpopular decision can be blamed on an illusory director that nobody’s ever seen. Only now, when he is looking to sell the company, does it become necessary to find someone to play the director. And who better for such a role than an unknown and largely underrated actor! Kristoffer happily takes on the role, and his enthusiasm grows with the challenges he faces… But nothing is as simple as it first appears…



Five women try to figure out how they should change their lives during a trendy life coaching course. But can anyone teach us how to live, and how to be happy? That is the question. Our theatrically abridged course under the guidance of coach Michal Dlouhý or Luboš Veselý will try to do so. Coming in to change their lives are Klára Cibulková, Réka Derzsi/Eva Vrbková, Kristýna Frejová, Marie Štípková/Bohdana Pavlíková and Blanka Popková, under the direction of Martina Krátká. Please note that smoking is part of the stage performance – in this case cigarettes count as props.


Smrt mu sluší / ‘Death befits him’

The biggest theatrical event since the commemorative ‘Coffin flew over the National Theatre’ accolade to Luděk Munzar (1933-2019). This is an original comedy, in a native theatrical setting. Bob Barel is an actor much loved by the public for his roles in soaps and much hated by critics for his stage performances. Now, however, he has hopes of winning the Thalia Award for Best Actor. There is only one thing standing between him and victory – the voice of a dreaded critic, who organizes concerts in his spare time, in the Vlasta Chramostová apartment theatre genre. But Bob’s loyal friend and, above all, agent, Kamil, is ready to help Bob win the critic’s vote. Their methods of persuasion are literally deadly.

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Event date: 1. 7. 2021 - 31. 8. 2021


Štefánikova 57
15000 Praha 5

+420 257 318 666; +420 234 651 111