The Theatre on the Balustrade

A contemporary drama theatre with a focus on plays that have the potential to resonate in today’s society. The theatre’s unstilted dramaturgy is not limited to interpreting finished text, but makes extensions to it, with its deeper contexts and innovative aesthetics. Unsurprisingly, it has been dubbed the ‘mecca of Czech modern theatre’.

Event description

Divadlo Na Zábradlí will be making appearances this summer in unconventional locations, such as the Wallenstein Garden of the Senate of the Czech Republic or in the Azyl78 big top circus tent. In addition to the production Ahoj vesmíre! / ‘Hello Universe!’ to be presented at the Prague Planetarium, the ensemble will perform the much lauded productions of ‘V+W Correspondence’ and Mýcení / ‘Clearing’ in the Senate Gardens. In the Azyl78 chapiteau, they will present the ‘Golden Beach’ directed by Jan Prušinovský, which premièred last September but only the fist night audience had been able to enjoy due to subsequent government pandemic-related restrictions.


As for the theatre’s home base, you can look forward to other traditional and popular productions, such as ‘Hamlets’, ‘Macbeth – Too Much Blood’ or Kyjem po kebuli / ‘Clubbed on the head’.

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What can you look forward to in summer?


Hello Universe!

On the afternoon of 20 August 1977, at fourteen twenty nine precisely the Voyager 2 space probe launched from Cape Canaveral. In addition to its scientific equipment, it has been carrying on board an oval plaque containing the Golden Record – a message intended for extraterrestrial civilizations. On it are recorded, e.g.55 greetings in a variety of languages, an hour-long recording of brain waves, and 27 songs, intended to best represent the Earth. This original production, directed by Jan Mikulášek, is based around how the Gold Record was compiled and the central question previously addressed by Carl Sagan’s team. What exactly do we want to tell extraterrestrials about ourselves? And what must they never know about us? Could alien beings outside the solar system even understand us? And do we even understand ourselves?

V+W Correspondence

‘The life of an actor is terrible – sometimes not at all.’ The mutual correspondence of Voskovec and Werich is a powerful account of the lives of two extraordinary people in difficult times. The letters exchanged by the legendary founders of the Liberated Theatre, whose went their separate ways after February 1948, the Communist coup, are a riveting testament not only to their originality and artistic maturity, but also to the fates of these key figures, in a bipolar world full of iron curtains and cold wars. These letters, which, among other things, represent the pinnacle of the post-war writings of Jiří Voskovec, are an invaluable testament to the mindsets of V+W.


Clubbed on the head

‘The inhabitants of the Mariana Islands can make twelve spears out of a human skeleton, and the larger the body, the bigger and better the spears. For this reason, these savages feel a great desire to kill a man of tall stature.’ (Augustin Strobach, 21 May 1683) The author’s production is based on letters from Augustin Strobach, a Jesuit missionary and Jihlava native who went to the Mariana Islands and never came home alive. During the mission, he baptized more than four hundred savages, married off a hundred couples, taught the locals how to grow corn, and was eventually beaten to life with a club in a bloody uprising.



‘I like your fortitude.’ A small room, stuffed with paintings and guests, becomes the suffocatingly claustrophobic venue for an arty dinner that keeps waiting for the Actors of the National Theatre to turn up. The special occasion get-together will become a deep, ironic and snidely entertaining probe into the life of ‘better society’. The exacting direction, harmonized acting and imaginative scenography take the audience on an emotional rollercoaster from laughter to tears, from humour and exaggeration to a disheartening report on ourselves.

and many more great performances…

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Event date: 1. 7. 2021 - 31. 8. 2021

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Annenské náměstí 5
Staré město
11533 Praha 1

+420 222 868 868; +420 222 868 870