Theatre in Dlouhá

For the first time in a quarter of a century, the Theatre in Dlouhá will be playing over the summer months. This repertory theatre with a permanent ensemble was established in 1996. It is distinguished from other theatres mainly by stretching the boundaries of drama towards alternative, musical, puppet and cabaret genres. Productions here often make use of the musicianship, singing and movement capacities of the actors and have become popular with their public for their specific poetics.

Event description

During the summer, some 13 performances await you. The summer programme will feature just one première of this season, as well as favourites for adults and children alike. To be specific, Bez roucha / ‘Without a Robe’, Souborné dílo W. Shakespeara ve 120 minutách / ‘The complete works of W. Shakespeare in 120 Minutes’ and O líné babičce / ‘Lazy Granny’.

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What can you look forward to this summer?


Lazy Granny

Instructions on how not to be scared (to fulfil your dreams) and enjoy it (life)! Most grandmothers are elegant well-attired old ladies, who always have their home pristine and freshly baked treats ready. Or they’re cute old biddies, who will willingly look after their grandchildren, any time. But the Granny from our production is completely different – she does not clean, bake, cook and sometimes even turns down looking after the little ones! Even though she loves them! You see, she is too busy fulfilling her old wishes that she has been putting aside all her life in her handy pouch. And so, whenever she has time and the inclination, she pulls out one piece of paper after another and does what her heart’s been desiring. Nothing’s too much of a problem for her! Take a flight in a balloon? Super! Learn to dive? Why not! Climb one of the highest mountains? Great!!


Without a Robe

An established classic comedy on the theme of how you can and can’t do theatre. In the first part, we follow the course of the last dress rehearsal before the opening night of the slapstick comedy ‘Sardines, Sardines!’ and in the second, behind the scenes of its 90th rerun. Blood, sweat and tears flow copiously from the travelling players portrayed. And from our actors likewise. Why, for God’s sake, why?! It’s just a show. ‘That’s what it’s all about – about doors and sardines. To bring sardines and take the sardines away. It’s called a farce. That’s theatre. That’s life. Gong, Gong, Gong. Gong, you’re on stage. Gong, tell me what you’ve got. Gong, you’re gone. (And everything will be fine.)’


The complete works of W. Shakespeare in 120 Minutes

the life and work of William Shakespeare has been the subject of many critical debates and disagreements ever since his death in 1616. The questions begin with the cardinal question of whether Shakespeare truly existed, as such, and culminate in how old Hamlet really was. Because today people don’t have time to deal with these questions, three actors will play all 37 plays and 154 sonnets of a great playwright in just 120 minutes, and if that seems impossible to you, just come and see.

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Event date: 1. 7. 2021 - 31. 8. 2021


Dlouhá 39
Staré Město
11000 Praha 1

+420 221 778 629; +420 605 010 774