Ungelt theatre summer stage

During the summer months, the 17th summer stage will be underway in the setting of Hradčany’s New World, offering the audience a choice selection of the Ungelt Theatre repertoire. In addition to several established hits, several new pieces are ready to show. One of them is the crazy grotesque Slepice na zádech / ‘Hen on her back’ starring Tatiana Dyková and Vojtěch Dyk.

Event description

The summer stage has undergone extensive reconstruction this year. There are new conveniences and a renovated auditorium with adjustable roofing. The roof will protect the audience from bad weather, but can also be folded away in pleasant weather, so as not to hamper the beautiful view of the surrounding greenery and the picturesque New World area.

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On the summer stage you will see

Dovolená paní Josefy / ‘Josepha’s vacation’ (Les vacances de Josepha)

No marriage is in such ruins that one determined housekeeper can’t save it. A successful French comedy by Dany Laurent, about how beautiful and funny life can be, even if it doesn’t seem like that sometimes.


Drobečky z perníku / ‘Gingerbread Crumbs’

A moving comedy by Neil Simon, inspired by a true story. Bar singer Eva Meara is full of love and life and especially enjoys a bit of fun with her circle of work friends she comes home to, after her stint in the drug detox clinic.


Housle / ‘The Violin’

Two brothers have been struggling to make a living on the streets of New York. But everything can change. A thieving comedy drama by Dan McCormick about two brothers and their family friend, where hopes for a better life reveal the family’s turbulent past and strength of character.


Kdokoli může dělat cokoli / ‘Anybody Can Do Anything’

How not to despair when there’s an economic crisis raging around you, you have no qualifications, but two children to feed? Maybe, just like for Betty MacDonald, you just have to have an enterprising sister, a strong-willed mom, a loving family, and the belief that when the going get tough, anyone can get anything done.


Poslední ze žhavých milenců / ‘Last of the Red Hot Lovers’

This comedy by Neil Simon promises to be great just by its chosen topic and reaches perfection thanks to some masterful dialogues. The elderly owner of a fish restaurant in New York is about depart from long years of an orderly marriage with his first affair. He gradually invites three different types of women to his mother’s apartment and then gets them and himself into some incredibly comical and delicate situations with even more comical results.


Taneční hodiny / ‘Dancing Lessons’

How can you teach an autistic professor who doesn’t like to be touched? Just send him to a professional lady dancer. What does it matter that his leg is in a brace and he can barely walk… A romantic comedy about how two loners get close, with a strength of will that may even surmount the insurmountable.


Ungelt sings!

We will round off the summer 2021 scene with a fun evening with our stage stars singing to you. Saying goodbye to the holidays, with live accompaniment, will be Jitka Smutná, Bára Štěpánová, Táňa Dyková, Tereza Nekudová, Petr Stach, Martin Písařík a Igor Orozovič. Presented by Milan Hein. The programme will be recorded by Czech Radio Two.


Vězeň na Druhé Avenue / ‘The Prisoner of Second Avenue’

The fourteenth floor, a broken elevator, no running water, stinky garbage, unbearably hot outside, cold in the apartment, neighbours partying well into the night, and burglars who have just cleared out anything they found… But it takes someone special to go crazy with such a dose of humour, irony and sarcasm. An amazingly funny comedy by Neil Simon about the lives of husband and wife Edna and Mel Edison, three sisters and one brother. We are all captives, prisoners, for we are pampered by civilization, and to find ourselves free, under a bridge, is somewhat inconvenient, after all. A famous American comedy about what it’s like when everything gets out of hand.

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Event date: 1. 7. 2021 - 31. 8. 2021


Nový Svět 78/5
11800 Praha 1

+420 224 828 082