10. 8. 2020

Environmentally friendly travel around Prague and its surroundings

Getting out of the historical center and Prague itself is now easier than ever. As in many other European cities, car sharing has become very popular in our country. In Prague, these are even environmentally friendly cars with hybrid drive. As part of the At Home in Prague promotion, you get a very nice 20% discount on all rates (minute, hourly and weekend).

If you are in the metropolis for only a few days and you’d like to see as many of its sights as possible, all you need is a smartphone with the Anytime app installed. Then simply unlock one of Anytime’s cars, and then just figure out where to go – how about the Hvězda Summer Palace in Liboc, the chateau park in Průhonice registered on the UNESCO world heritage list or, for example, the castle in Nelahozeves – birthplace of Antonín Dvořák. We’ll offer some more tips for excursions by car in another article.

You’ll find hundreds of shared Anytime cars available for immediate rental on the streets of Prague. All it takes are three simple steps:


  1. Registration in a few minutes

First, download the Anytime Carsharing CZ mobile app, available for free on Google Play and the App Store. It takes only a few minutes to set up an account. You’ll need your ID and driver’s license, and a photo which you can take right in the app. Verification of your documents usually takes a few minutes and then you just add a payment card that your rentals will be charged to. Anyone over 18 years old with a valid group B driver’s license for over 6 months can register.


  1. Car rental directly in the app

After registering, open the mobile app, where you will see a map with all available cars. Simply choose the closest one and book it. Then you have 20 minutes free of charge to get to the car. If you don’t make it in 20 minutes, nothing happens, but you will be charged for the extra waiting minutes. Unlock the car on the spot with your mobile phone, check to be sure there is no visible damage, and off you go. In the app, you can choose whether you want to rent the car using the minute rate or choose one of the hourly rates for longer trips. You can travel anywhere in the Czech Republic, but the car must be returned in Prague.


  1. Returning the car anywhere in Prague

When you’re finished using the car, just park it and lock it using the app. At that moment, it is released for someone else to use. You can return the car anywhere within the home zone (color-coded in the app) and in accordance with applicable rules of the road, including in all blue and purple parking zones intended for residents. The only exceptions are private paid car parks and indoor car parks (such as in shopping malls). For example, you can return the car in one place, take a walk or another method of transport, and rent another shared Anytime car at the new place.

Other benefits of the At Home in Prague vouchers

To activate the offer, just take a picture of the voucher with points and send the photo to info@anytimecar.cz from the same e-mail under which you created your Anytime account. Your 20% discount will be activated within one hour. Prices after the discount are as follows:


Minute rates Toyota Yaris Toyota Corolla
Morning (7-9) CZK 1.99/min. CZK 1.99/min.
Daytime (9-21) CZK 5.59/min. CZK 5.59/min.
Night (21- 7) 5,59 Kč/min. 6,39 Kč/min.
Parking CZK 1.99/min. CZK 1.99/min.
Hourly rates
1 hour (20 km included) CZK 159 CZK 223
2 hours (20 km included) CZK 239 CZK 359
4 hours (40 km included) CZK 319 CZK 479
24 Hours (80 km included)) CZK 719 CZK 879
Weekend (180 km included) CZK 1439 CZK 1679
Extra km CZK 6.99/km CZK 6.99/km


Discount rates are active for 5 days from the activation of the voucher, after which time you will be charged standard prices according to the current price list.


Carsharing offers all the benefits of traveling by car with the added benefit of improving the traffic situation in the capital city. Its primary advantage is, of course, flexibility. You have a car at your disposal whenever you need it, and you can return it wherever it suits you. You can choose from either a Toyota Yaris Hybrid or a Corolla Hybrid, both with an automatic transmission.


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