22. 6. 2020


Originally a working-class district, Holešovice is now one of the trendiest spots in Prague. Because of its industrial character, it's not one of the most beautiful districts, but it is undoubtedly one of the most distinctive. Here you'll find the highest concentration of alternative cultural centers side-by-side with recognized institutions for whom industrial architecture suits. Once you've soaked up enough of the atmosphere, you can refresh your body in one of the local bistros, cafés, or restaurants, which you will come across at every turn. There's something for everyone's taste. Then you can calm your mind in Prague's largest park - Stromovka- just a stone's throw away. In short, Holešovice is a place where people live well. This Prague is not touristy, so let's get to know it like a local! Zklidnit mysl pak můžete v největším pražském parku Stromovka, který je odtud co by kamenem dohodil. Holešovice jsou zkrátka místem, kde se dobře žije. Tahle Praha není turistická, tak ji pojďme poznat jako místní!

Lunch and art in the middle of the marketplace

Let’s start our gastro-cultural expedition in the Prague Market, which today only partially serves its original purpose. In addition to the market, filled with the aromas of fresh fruit and herbs, you’ll find a renowned Asian restaurant, cafés, as well as a gallery of modern art and the popular Jatka78, home stage of the La Putyka Circus.

An airship in a gallery? Why not!

Walk about 15 minutes from the market, and you’ll come to one of the best galleries focusing on the contemporary art scene – the DOX Center for Contemporary Art. Modern art might not be your thing, but you don’t want to miss seeing this former factory building. And in particular, the magnificent airship Gulliver gently resting on the roof of the gallery, attracting the attention of passers-by. It’s an original space for lectures on culture and author readings for those who want more than just tours of the interesting exhibitions that take place in DOX throughout the year. If you feel like it, come on in – the door is open for you. It’s always an experience.

Declassified Vnitroblock

A multifunctional space hidden in a courtyard halfway between the market and DOX, where something is always going on. It’s not only locals have been heading here for a long time. On the contrary -Vnitroblock is one of the main attractions in Holešovice. What can you expect here? Vnitroblock is a real Prague “hipster” den, with grandma’s retro armchairs, vegan treats, and honest burgers. Enjoy them in the café, outside in the courtyard, or in the smallest cinema far and wide. There is also a gallery, a dance and multimedia studio, and a trendy footwear shop. This lively scene will entertain you – and all of Holešovice – for a long time to come.

Metal has never been so fascinating.

In the evening, visit another world, a metal world created by the installations at Cross Club. Nothing here is ordinary, simple, or static. They cook – and steam – well here. You can have dinner and then soak it up. Of course, we’re talking about the alternative music scene and the outdoor cinema on the premises.

Holešovice will get under your skin. It’s not a dream factory, but a real Prague district, a stylish experience of its own. Unlock your way to it!


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