31. 7. 2020

Liven up your visit to Prague with a walk around the “Prague Beer Zoo”

Set out for an untraditional ramble around the capital city. Most of you have surely visited Prague Zoo in the Troja district, however, we would like to introduce you the “Prague Beer Zoo” - a route of nine well-known “Pilsner pubs” with animal names.

You can start your walk at a pub called U Černého vola (At the Black Ox) on Loretánské Square. A stone´s throw from Prague Castle, and holding a quality certificate since 1997, the pub has maintained its popular character and prices.  

After a good lunch accompanied by a pint of great beer, we recommend walking down Nerudova Street to a cellar located in the Malá Strana district called U Hrocha (At the Hippo). This pub is also mostly visited by its regulars. However, it is popular with officials, Members of Parliament and Senators, too, who do not have a long way to get here. This pub is always full, local experts therefore advise you get here between two and three in the afternoon, you will surely find some seats then. 

Then, when you walk across Charles Bridge along the Royal Route towards the Old Town Square (Staroměstské náměstí), you will soon discover the third stop, located on Husova Street, a legendary pub called U Zlatého tygra (At the Golden Tiger).  Bohumul Hrabal, the writer, was a frequent guest there, and Václav Havel also liked coming here with his friends.  Havel also invited the US President Bill Clinton here during his visit to Prague. 

Once you have had enough of the unique atmosphere of a pub which is now part of our history, it is not far to your next stop in our “zoo”. 

At the restaurant called U Zlatého slona (At the Golden Elephant) near Havel Market (Havelské tržiště) where they cook high-quality Czech meals, a properly chilled Pilsner lager is just the right choice. 

The fifth stop is the biggest restaurant in Prague, called Červený jelen (Red Deer) on Hybernská Street, not far from Wenceslaus Square (Václavské náměstí). The restaurant boasts probably the tallest beer tower in the world, made up of twelve beer tanks going through three floors. However, they are proudest of the great beer, which is taken care of by several fantastic bartenders, winners of the prestigious competition Pilsner Urquell Master Bartender.  

Nevertheless, you also can find “Pilsner pubs” with animal names outside the centre of Prague.  

You can stop by and watch live streams of various sports, but mostly have a good beer, in the Smíchov district, in a typically Czech pub called U buldoka (At the Bulldog). 

In the part of the city called Dejvice, a stone´s throw from the busy, so-called Round Square (Kulaťák, or officially Dejvické náměstí), you can find a restaurant called U Veverky (At the Squirrel).  Its regulars say that you do not have to call for service here. Once you finish drinking your pint, there´s a fresh one in front of you. 

You can have “one” at the restaurant called U Havrana (At the Rook) when getting off at the I. P. Pavlova metro stop, or on your way home from an evening party. They serve food until early morning here. 

At the restaurant called Mlsnej kocour (Fussy Cat) on Peace Square (Náměstí Míru), you can check out the mastery and speed of a bartender who won a traditional beer run up 41 stairs with 10 half-litre beer mugs in his hands – The Pinkas Nightmare (Pinkasova noční můra).

The Prague Beer Zoo features some really good pubs. It is good to spread visiting them over several days so that you do not get too tired and your experience is perfect. The route of “Pilsner pubs” can be even more varied by collecting stamps. If you get at least five of them on your journey, you will get a Pilsner Urquell T-Shirt. You just need to show a map with collected stamps to a bartender at the restaurant Červený jelen (Red Deer). 

As a bonus, Pilsner Urquell has prepared a special promotion for you. At every pub where you spend at least 250 Czech crowns, you will get one cut pour of “šnyt” which we will pay for.

Liven up your next walk around Prague with a beer adventure. Take the map of the “Prague Beer Zoo” with you and set out on your exploration.