22. 6. 2020

Head to Petřín for romance, sightseeing, and entertainment

Petřín Hill is synonymous with romance and love. If you really want to fall in love with Prague, go here, regardless of your marital status or age. A trip by funicular awaits you, breathtaking views from the Prague’s own Eiffel Tower, and, of course, a walk through a park full of charming nooks and crannies. Petřín will simply steal your heart.

Your date starts at the tram stop

Start your excursion into nature in the heart of the big city at the Újezd tram stop, which you can reach by trams 12, 14, 20, and 22. From here it’s only a few steps to one of Prague’s biggest attractions as well as its most visited technical monument – the only funicular in Prague. Riding the funicular is a great experience, with the added bonus of breathtaking scenery, which you can take in along the way from the glass cabin. The funicular is part of Prague’s public transport system, so standard tickets are valid here.

Another interesting site, just a short walk from the lower station of the funicular on Újezd, has little to do with romance, but is still worthy of your attention. A remarkable sculpture by the famous sculptor Olbram Zoubek at the foot of Petřín Hill commemorates the victims of the communist regime and is one of the most photographed monuments in Prague.

The high life

A popular destination on Petřín is – naturally – the copy of the Eiffel Tower, called the Petřín Lookout Tower. It’s a favorite of both tourists and locals. Interestingly, although much smaller than its Parisian sister, the top of Prague’s tower is actually higher in altitude than the top of the Paris tower. From above, you have great views of Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, the National Theater, the nearby Strahov Monastery and other iconic monuments. Can you identify them all?

Lose yourself in the maze

In the mirror maze you can instantly become two meters tall, lose twenty kilos, and laugh a lot at the convex mirror.

Love gets the green (light)

The park around the Petřín Lookout Tower is enchanting. It is beautiful, full of pleasant nooks and crannies and photogenic views of Prague. Sit for a while and relax. If you decide to continue your walk all the way to the rose garden, you can reach the equally romantic Kinský Gardens on the southern slope of Petřín Hill through the passage in the Hunger Wall. At its highest point, there is a charming pond with a statue of a sea lion. From here another somewhat untraditional view of Prague opens up, specifically of Smíchov and the southern edge of Prague. A bit further down, there is a second, smaller pond with a waterfall and a statue of Hercules.

Two cultural stops

Between the two ponds, you’ll come across the wooden Orthodox Church of the Archangel Michael dating back to the second half of the 17th century. It was brought here from Carpathian Ruthenia in 1929 as an exhibit of the Ethnographic Museum and is one of three wooden churches in Prague.

At the bottom of the gardens stands the Kinský Summer Palace, home to the Ethnographic Museum. It is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm. The building is part of the National Museum, so you can visit it as part of the ”9 museums in 5 days ” promotion.

Head out through the gate of the Kinský Gardens and you’ll find yourself back on the busy streets of Prague’s Smíchov district, where you can recharge your batteries in one of the nearby cafés or restaurants.


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