19. 7. 2020

Unlock nighttime Prague. These spots are key

Prague is a city that lives not only during the day, but also at night. Social life flourishes here thanks not only to long-established businesses, but also to the increasing popularity of newly emerging cultural and social centers, which often spring up in previously unused localities. We’ll guide you through the most popular ones.

Prague’s Embankment (Náplavka) for all

A vibrant spot by the Vltava where one willingly sits on the ground, listens to street music, and tastes one delicacy after another from the local farmers’ and culinary markets. The relaxed atmosphere and views of the panorama of historical Prague are not the only bonus to Náplavka on the Rašín Embankment. Last year a unique architectural project by Petr Janda was completed, in which the inner spaces of the former ice vaults were renovated. They now function throughout the year as galleries, studios, and a branch of the Municipal Library, as well as modern bistros and bars for pleasant days and evenings.

Take a break on Národní Avenue (Národní třída)

The neighborhood of Národní třída has been, is and probably always will be a favorite location for Prague’s youth. It was here that the students kicked off the Velvet Revolution, which led to the fall of totalitarianism. Today, you can experience revolutionary quality entertainment without any falls. Popular establishments located in the adjacent streets include, for example, Vzorkovna, Café Jericho, and the famous alternative clubhouse Zázemí, where regular cultural events take place. Enjoy an 80s vibe at the popular café Nona in the New Stage building of the National Theater.

Karlín Barracks (Kasárna Karlín) – now without military surveillance

A mysterious den for young bohemians, surrounded by a huge wall, can be found at Florenc. It would definitely be a mistake to miss it while out on your wanders. The program is quite varied – the barracks offer art exhibitions, an outdoor cinema, concerts, or you can just sit in the Bazén (Pool), the on-site cozy café that was established on the site of the army pool and changing room. The empty pool also offers regular lectures, debates, and author readings.

A world of flavors at Manifesto Market

Top quality cuisine isn’t just found in restaurants anymore. The pop-up market Manifesto, with two locations at Florenc and in Smíchov, provides exceptional culinary experiences in the open air. Here you can taste, for example, poké, a Hawaiian specialty made of fresh salmon, steaks grilled directly on hot coals, and much more. In addition to great food, Manifesto also offers refined design and a cultural program that will make your experience more enjoyable while consuming great food and drinks. Vegans and vegetarians will definitely also enjoy the offerings here.

Stalin over Prague 

Make no mistake, this spot in Prague’s Letná neighborhood has nothing more in common with the former dictator than its name. Today the only things dictated here are trends in the music and fashion of young skateboarders. The best way to get to the former monument, dominated by a giant pendulum, is by tram number 15 from the Masaryk Railway Station. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more relaxed atmosphere in Prague. Fantastic views of the city, music, and a café also contribute to the popularity of the place. Stalin also functions as a cultural center with a wide-ranging program from Monday to Sunday completely free of charge. Its main goal is to present local young culture.

These places will unlock the atmosphere of nighttime Prague, so let yourself be carried away and enjoy pleasant days and evenings with your friends.


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