19. 6. 2020

Prague lives!

Prague is not just a stuffy preserved historical district for fans of architecture and history, but a lively, dynamic, constantly developing city. Head for places that will entertain you and get to know the face of contemporary Prague.

Culture and contemporary art

The following is a selection of the most interesting cultural projects that Prague offers across genres.  

Kampa Museum

One of Prague’s most attractive museums of modern art can be found in the former Sova Mills (Sovový mlýny) in the Lesser Town. The collection of Jan and Meda Mládek comprises a collection of works by the pioneer of abstract art František Kupka, the Czech Cubist sculptor Otto Gutfreund, and works by important 20th century “Eastern bloc” artists. Short-term exhibitions present the work of Czech artists. The current special summer exhibition features the work of Alfons Mucha, the main representative of Art Nouveau painting, in dialogue with that of Pasta Oner, a leading figure of the Czech contemporary visual scene.

DOX Center for Contemporary Art

A multifunctional space for the presentation of international and Czech art, architecture and design located in Holešovice, in a renovated complex of industrial buildings from the 19th century. The DOX Center is considered a dynamic cultural platform and space for confrontations between different approaches and trends, and is one of the pillars of the Art District project sponsored by the City Hall of Prague 7. 

NGP – Trade Fair Palace

At the time it was built in 1928, the Trade Fair Palace was the largest building of its kind in the world and the first functionalist building in Prague. Today it is used by the National Gallery in Prague. Like DOX, it is one of the key institutions of the Prague 7 Art District. Several permanent exhibitions showcase a unique collection of Czech and international modern and contemporary art, including an exceptionally valuable collection of French and European art, featuring names such as Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque, Auguste Renoir, Vincent van Gogh, Gustav Klimt, and many others.


This popular cinema with its comfortable environment attracts audiences more inclined to appreciate the art film genre. In addition to old and new distributed films, it also hosts a number of theme-based festivals and film cycles, and offers morning performances for children and senior citizens. In the cinema auditorium, you can choose to sit on a bean bag or beach lounger rather than on the…


A new multifunctional space in the premises of a former slaughterhouse in the Holešovice Market. Halls 7 and 8 are transformed into a home for contemporary and experimental art. In addition to the renowned group Cirk La Putyka, other progressive groups such as 420PEOPLE and SKUTR also perform here.Vincent van Gogh, Gustav Klimt, and many others.

Edison Film Hub

A modern art house cinema with a café and bar in the very heart of Prague in the building of a former transformer station, just a few steps from the Main Railway Station. It offers both pre-premiere and premiere titles, older European art films, as well as expert presentations and lectures. The program features at least one English-friendly screening per day. In addition to the regular program, Edison is a center for film festivals, screenings, and special events, where it is possible to meet filmmakers and other creatives. 

Jazz Dock

This modern club sits right on the banks of the Vltava below the Janáčkovo nábřeží waterfront area, providing unique scenery. The variability of the interior space allows them to host both intimate concerts and larger scale productions. Jazz Dock emphasizes the diversity of genres, both the classical and new music streams of jazz and blues.

Prague for foodies

The Prague culinary scene has developed very rapidly in recent years. In addition to a number of interesting bistros and restaurants, mini-breweries and other projects, a wide variety of food festivals and other events focused on gastronomy are held here throughout the year. From the plethora of options, we have selected several popular places with a unique atmosphere.

Náplavka – Rašínovo embankment

Rašínovo nábřeží embankment is currently the most attractive and liveliest society venue on the banks of the river in downtown Prague. Those who come here get a beautiful view of the Hradčany Castle panorama, making it a place much sought after by tourists. The Rašínovo embankment space offers a whole gamut of activities throughout the year, ranging from the regular farmers’ markets to sports,…Vaults in the wall of the river embankment that were originally used for ice storage have been renovated and now house shops, cafés, and bars.

Farmers’ markets

Farmers’ markets are modern trend and have earned a place on the Prague culinary and shopping scene. You can find them throughout the week all over the city. In addition to the aforementioned embankment (Náplavka), the most popular markets are on Vítězné Square in Prague 6 (also known as Kulaťák), on Jiřího z Poděbrad Square (Jiřák), and at Řezáčová Square in Holešovice (aka Heřmaňák). 

Manifesto Market 

Leading Prague restaurants, chefs and design brands have come together to form a completely new and unprecedented concept connecting culture with gastronomy. In Smíchov and at Florenc, taste high-quality street food in a limited, seasonally changing menus from local suppliers, sweet delicacies, coffee from experts, wine, and Czech beer from small breweries.

Hipster Prague

A number of alternative social and cultural centers have recently cropped up in Prague, gaining popularity not only for their interesting programs, but also for their multifunctionality and relaxed atmosphere – highly sought-after in the vibrant city.

Lucerna Rooftop

Enjoy unique views in the city centre. The roof terraces of the Lucerna palace are open every Saturday, Sunday and Monday from 2 p.m. till dusk. They can be used as a venue for different events, too.

Containall – Stromovka 

Sometimes all it takes is an unconventional idea, a little determination to persevere to the end, and a little bit of money to begin with. The same is true of the Containall – a sheet-metal container parked in the summer season in the beautiful surroundings of Stromovka Royal Game Reserve. The programme, in addition to summer film screenings, comprises theatre performances, live music, workshops…


The creative centrepiece of Holešovice, an industrial feast for the eyes and a place that’s always buzzing. That’s one way to sum up this multifunctional retreat with its excellent central café, galleries, mini-cinema, diverse shops and event hall. A small town within a city, so to speak.

Karlín Barracks / Kasárna Karlín

Where troops once marched by the hundred, many now go to have fun. Thanks to its prime location and multifunctional use made of the building, the barracks draw in visitors across the generations. The central courtyard is where the action is; a giant sandbox, a summer cinema, a mini lookout tower, a fire-pit, a bar and a beach volleyball pitch. The original military pool has become a stylish café, the garages have morphed into a music club, and there’s also a great gallery. Don’t hesitate for too long before you visit. The barracks are to become the Palace of Justice, but should keep going as they are until 2020.

Střelecký Island (Střelecký ostrov)

A romantic place hidden in the shade of mature trees in the heart of city under the Legion Bridge enchants visitors with its old-time atmosphere and exceptional views of the city directly from the surface of the Vltava River. Occasionally, celebrations, concerts, open-air festivals, and various other cultural events are held here.

Pragovka Art District

Pragovka is the perfect example of how of an unsightly and unused industrial building can be reborn and repurposed. In what is literally the art district are dozens of artists of all disciplines – painters, sculptors, photographers, fashion designers and more. The proprietors’ contagious enthusiasm means there’s constantly something going on here, though never a yawn. Currently there are several galleries, a great café, the Prague’s largest craft beer garden etc, et